Dr. Ray H. Morgan Jr. and his associates are pleased to be able to offer BOTOX® in Woodstock, Georgia, for patients who are looking for ways to help restore their youthful appearance. With years of experience in providing this care, our dentists are excited to speak with each patient and help determine if this procedure could be right for you. To learn more, please call us at 770-591-7929 and speak to one of our amazing team members!BOTOX® (onabotulinumtoxinA) is a medication that is injected into the muscles of the brow to smooth frown lines between the brows. In fact, BOTOX is the only approved treatment to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines. BOTOX can help you to look younger, calmer, and more alert. Our dentist may recommend BOTOX as a great choice to help you regain a more youthful appearance and boost your self-confidence.


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BOTOX can also be used for a number of other purposes. Based on your specific needs, we may suggest BOTOX to reduce migraine headaches, lessen excessive sweating, or treat a TMJ disorder.

BOTOX involves no incisions, stitches, or surgery, so you can resume your daily routine directly following your appointment. This also means that your treatment will be comfortable and fast. Our team will simply inject the medication into the muscles. We may use ice or a topical numbing cream before the treatment to ensure that you feel completely comfortable. You may begin noticing results as soon as 24 to 48 hours after the treatment, and your BOTOX results can last up to four months.

To learn more about BOTOX and to find out if it is right for you, we invite you to contact us today.


If you would like to reduce excess fat underneath your chin area, KYBELLA® may be right for you. KYBELLA works to effectively and safely destroy fat cells to help you achieve a smooth, slender chin. To learn more about KYBELLA in Woodstock, Georgia, we invite you to contact us today!


Our talented dentist may recommend Sculptra® if you would like to improve the appearance of your skin as you age. During your initial Sculptra appointment, our team will discuss your overall body goals to ensure you have realistic expectations and that this treatment is right for you. To learn more about Sculptra in Woodstock, Georgia, call our office today!

Cosmetic Fillers

We offer several cosmetic fillers to help you achieve the overall look you desire. Cosmetic fillers work to restore your facial features to a more youthful look. To learn more about or cosmetic fillers in Woodstock, Georgia, we invite you to contact our experienced team today!